Goals give our lives meaning , Plan it Well

#Retire Early *Calculated at 6% Inflation Rate
A lifestyle of Rs.50,000 monthly expense today will be Rs.119,828* to maintain your current lifestyle in 15 years from now.
Plan for an Early Retirement
Choose & build your goal
Child education
Wealth creation
Save tax
Emergency fund
Buying a Home

Goal Planning Calculator

The planner takes into account all of your retirement and investment needs and plots them as milestones on your life line. How much should you invest Yearly or Monthly to Make Money? Calculate the Investment Amount using our Goal Planning Calculator

What is Goal Planning?

Goal planning refers to setting financial goals and making plans to achieve them. Your financial goals can be short-term goals, medium-term goals, or long-term goals. If you want to achieve your goals. You need to understand your current financial status, and accordingly plan for your future goals. Goal planning helps you become financially secure and channelize your current financial investments in such a way that it generates returns over a time period which fulfills your goals.

What is a Goal Planning Calculator?

Goals are the priorities and targets you set for how you want to save money for the future. The goal planning calculator shows you the value of a future financial goal. It works on the future value concept. The calculator uses a formula, where you enter the current value of the goal, and when you require the amount and also considers the expected rate of inflation. Based on these parameters the financial goal calculator displays the future value of your goal.