Unlisted Shares

Market Place for Pre-IPO Equity.

Invest in industry leaders with established track record already at different stages of IPO. Powered by UnlistedKart

Min investment
between 25,000-50,000
in new sectors
Value unlocking
Helping new age startup's and companies mobilise non interfering efficient capital.

Existing stakeholders, promoters or employees who have equity shares of an unlisted company and early investors who wish to get value of their investment are typical sellers in unlisted markets.

By leveraging technology and market expertise, we provide investors access to pre-IPO and late-stage technology investments at reasonable minimums.

Our platform allows investors to diversify their portfolio, invest in new opportunities, and gives you access to insights, price trends, and more.

Investing with us is simple

Investing has never been this easier. Here are three steps to get started.

Contact Us
Contact one of our team memeber and we will guide you through the process.
Deal Proccessing
Confirm interest by giving the necessary KYC details and exchanging offer note.
Deal Completion
Confim the trade by making necessary transactions and the shares would be traded within 24 hours
Explore current investment opportunities
Sr No Company Name Sector Approx price Lot size
1 National Stock Exchange Industry Exchange 4,500 1000
The Marketplace for Pre-IPO Equity

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Prices mentioned here are tentative, reach out for an exact quote.
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Peculiar characteristics of Unlisted Shares
Reasonable Valuations
Unlisted/Pre IPO trade a certain discount to their listed comparables and thus generate superior returns
Preferred Access
Invest with VCs and Private Equity Funds in companies which are not otherwise available to retail investors
Get access to sectors/geographies which are not currently present in the listed markets (Eg. Startup space, Gaming Industry, IPL via CSK etc)
Liquidity Risk
Since the shares are not traded on an exchange, they are subject to liquidity risk.
If I buy the shares today, will I get it immediately?

Typically it takes anywhere between 24-48 hours to get the shares transferred. Any unlisted share or security that you purchase reflects in your Demat account once the transaction is successful. Until recently, access to pre-IPO companies has been limited.

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These are tentative prices based on industry estimates. Prior to making any investment or financial decisions, one should carefully study and ensure that they understand and exercise due care and discretion in considering their investment objective, risk appetite and personal circumstances against the risk of the investment. It is advised to seek independent professional advice in case of doubt.

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